Chef Andrew and David Everett Fisher go over the direction the Wiffle Ball Tournament is going. Then we talk about baseball's biggest villain: Ichiro Suzuki and whether he will be a first ballot shoo-in to the Baseball Hall of Fame. This comes from a 14 hour text war that Andrew's baseball team, the Multnomah Expos, had this last weekend. We then pick apart the fan's choices for the 2019 All-Star game and why we believe in the Electoral College.

Chef Andrew is out of town, so Sean and Dave sit down and talk about Oregonians in the MLB draft, our All Star picks, and not watching baseball. Who remembers how to read a box score? Also, our Wiffle Ball Tournament is less than a month away!

Sean is back from his honeymoon and won’t stop talking about how surprising the Twins are. He also loses his temper many times. Baseball, what’s the deal with that?

Also, we are stoked about our Wiffle Ball Tournament on June 29th! Sign up!

Sean Power no S is off on his honeymoon, so Dave's wife Nicole joins Dave and Andrew to talk about all the things Sean gets wrong about baseball, Red Sox fans, and why people become fans. Wiffle Ball Tournament sign ups are up!

It is episode 33 and the boys are excited about their wiffle ball tournament coming up June 29th. They go over the home run hitters and how there are so many home runs now. We even ask ourselves, are there too many home runs? Is it ruining baseball? Is Christian Yellich and Cody Bellinger going to be chasing the Home Run record like Micky Mantle and Roger Maris did in 1961? We continue our in depth reporting on Ichiro selling PEDs to the Seattle Mariners. 

Sean, Dave, and Chef Andrew are back at it after a week of MLB baseball. Sean's Orioles are winning, Chef Andrew's Giants are losing, and Dave's A's are doing both. They go over who is hot and who is not. They rate the big three money makers; Harper, Machado, Trout, and Chris Davis who is now 0 and 48. We love a good fight and breakdown the Reds and Pirates fight

We fantasize about baseball being in Portland. What would the team be named? Chef Andrew pretends to be in charge of the stadium food and talks about what he would do. Dave reminisces about Zenner dogs at Portland Beaver games. 

We announce our inaugural Rabble Rabble Baseball Podcast Wiffle Ball Tournament and give some more details on that.

Baseball has started (in Tokyo anyhow) and the rest of baseball starts this Thursday! We go over the Seattle Oakland games in Tokyo, Ichiro, both as a player and as a person. Then we say, what's the deal with all those extensions!?! We don't remember seeing this many extensions signed, and what does that mean for baseball. 

We finish the podcast with a huge announcement! You gotta listen to hear it and you don't want to miss it!

Oh, hello there. Welcome to the thirtieth episode of Rabble Rabble Cheeseburger where Sean, Andrew, and Dave talk about the time they fell in love with baseball. They go over some of their picks for the 2019 season, and Dave explains Sean’s energy drink choice. Basically we can’t wait for the season to begin!

Sometimes we get so worked up for baseball that as we come out of the doldrums of winter, we get overly excited for spring training. Sean is that person, he has done nothing but watch spring training baseball. He watches each game three times, taking notes, sketching, making collages of what he sees. We talk about the downfall of baseball and America in the post capitalism society. We bring up Manny Machado. Sean tries to bring up the Orioles in a positive way, which was weird. There was also late breaking news. Sean retreats to his room to watch more spring training games wearing diapers while Andrew and Dave go back to their lives. 

Pitchers and Catchers are reporting! Sean pretends he is excited about the Orioles, but we all know that in early March he will be depressed and bummed. Dave and Andrew also go over what they are excited about this season. We go over the past spring training times that we were excited about. Dave admits he didn't care about the strike in 94. We also break the news of where Manny Machado and Bryce Harper signed. Give it a listen to get excited for Spring Training!

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